The Mystic Offerings: Queens Lake

Still Waters Still the Mind... A tranquil setting to go with the flow, Queens Lake, at an elevation of nearly 3,000 feet, rests between Mystic Forest and Mystic Ridge.

A dozen streams, all emanating at the higher elevations and joined by countless micro tributaries, converge into the fifty-acre serene, near-private lake, power-motor free, haven for paddling, fishing and swimming, and moonlight romantic leisurely canoe float.

Bring a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses along with the oar, and watch a slow sunset from a canoe drifting lazily on the lake.

If “energetic” describes you better, than in the same canoe, a fishing rod at sunrise will leave you with no less a memorable experience. Just stare at the reflection of white clouds in the blue lake water, or swim for a refreshing exercise.

Queens Lake truly is for all seasons and activities.

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